Dressed in plaid and flowers!


August 2, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

Hello everyone!

I finished this dress a few weeks ago, but had no luck with the photo shoot. Freezing to death in storm and rain in our lousy summer was not OK, in my opinion, so it took some time!

The whole idea behind this dress is to find a good way to use fabric scraps plus all the 1 meter or 1 yard pieces I had lying around.

I used to buy a meter or a yard of all kinds of pretty and interesting fabrics here and there, without any plan about what to actually make of it. So there’s a lot of that lying around, plus leftovers of all kinds!

Mostly I’ve stopped buying fabric like that, But I DO keep buying too little when it’s an expensive fabric. So this is the self drafted (very) wearable “1-meter/1 yard-dress” muslin!

So this is using just about a yard, or 0,9 meter of fabric, but naturally it has to be a wide fabric, 140 cm or 56″.  (To make a complete 1-meter-dress in my size from a NARROW fabric, now that would take a wizard!)

The sleeves are basically long straight pieces of fabric, and I really like the somewhat Japanese look of them. But the dress could naturally be made with ordinary sleeves or none at all!

No closure, pull-over-your-head style. Perfect!

The pockets are vertical welt pockets, to match the “sleeves”

Sorry about the bad photo quality here!

The front and back are fairly straight, and held in with pleats under the bust. The waistline is very high, If you’re not into an empire ( or regency ) silhouette, the pleats could easily be sewn down to the natural waist.

Read more about the empire style here, on Wikipedia!

As it’s a muslin the insides are not too exciting, just plain overlocked seams. The plaid fabric was a simple men’s shirt cotton that was originally a beige and blue boring thing. When I dyed a lot of other things black I threw it in, and it came out a more interesting dark green.

The flowered fabric is from a thrift store, it’s a very soft and nice printed cotton lawn. The print and the colors definitively have a 70’s feeling! I mean, dark red and beige flowers on dark green, could it be more 1978?

I call this model Öckerö, that’s the name of a lovely island north of gothenburg. On the evening after a trip there last summer I started to work on this dress. Yeah, it took a year, but you know how it is! Once packed away for a more interesting project, it was completely forgotten until I laid eyes on it again.
But it turned out really great, and I will definitively add it to my queue of pattern-to-be-released!
If you want to know more about Öckerö have a look over here:

( The name is pronounced like this: You can say it using a normal o sound, like this: Ockero or Ockerow. But the o is really pronounced like the i in, for example, Stirred or Bird. Yes, it’s a weird name….)

By the way,the ending -Ö means island or isle in Swedish, thats why it’s everywhere in the archipelago!

And as always: pattern testers, you are more than welcome to leave let me know you’re interested in this dress! Just leave a comment here!

Thanks for stopping by, Tina


5 thoughts on “Dressed in plaid and flowers!

  1. The style of the dress is very flattering and the combo of prints works so well with it. It’s lovely. I know what you mean about the floral fabric, it does have that 70s feeling, the colours are kind of warm. Love the pocket detail with the floral fabric.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, I’m very happy to hear it looks flattering! It’s so much fun looking through the stash, trying to find just the right fabric combination, but this one just called out to me immediately. Warm is a perfect description of the 70’s colors 🙂


  2. ellegeemakes says:

    I love how you combined the flowers and plaid – – very fun and whimsical! I have many bits of fabric in my stash that are wonderful, but too ‘short’ to much with. That’s great that you found a way to combine two prints so nicely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I guess we all have a lot of small pieces,leftovers and such lying around 🙂 Sometimes I get so tired of my stash, but then I remember that I once bought/kept it because I really, really like each piece of fabric.


  3. […] the blouse? Another version of the Öckerö dress, soon to be […]


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