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  1. Plum blossom, it’s probably the right season somewhere?


    September 30, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    Hi again! Here’s my new blouse, made with a LOOOOOVELY fabric from Spoonflower. (Or is it a shirt? No, blouse …
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  2. Moving into pink territory + Spoonflower free shipping


    July 11, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    Hello again! I had totally forgotten about my fabric order from Spoonflower when I was writing about all my green stuff …
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  3. My print design in a book!


    April 21, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    Hi again! As you might already know, I don’t just create sewing patterns, I also design fabric patterns. Now that’s a bit …
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  4. The stripy dress is not striped any more!

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    February 14, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    So, after overdoing all things striped last week, look here and here, I decided to use the OTHER side of …
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  5. How to make a moldy block of gelatin useful.

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    February 11, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    This is my latest fabric print, sold at It might look like a just I splashed and dribbled around, …
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  6. Knit your own fabric!


    February 6, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    I’m feeling inspired so I’m moving on with my new dress Pattern! I’ve decided to make a new test version, this time …
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  7. From the American southwest to northern Japan, a coats journey….


    January 22, 2015 by Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    This is the wool coat I completed back in November, but believe me, I didn’t start it this year, or …
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