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For some years now I have been concentrating on surface design, creating patterns to be printed on fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper and so on. As part of this i have opened my own shop at Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a POD company, Print on demand, where you can order any design you like, printed on one of more than 16 different types of fabric.

This design is from my Spoonflower shop, I have ordered 3 yards of it printed on a polyester crepe, and now I’m sitting here waiting for it to be delivered so I can start my new bright green spring dress!




This is my latest fabric print, sold at

It might look like a just I splashed and dribbled around, but this is actually mono printed on a gelatin plate, in the disintegrating state, and later made into a repeat print.

(If you would like to know more about mono printing, look through some of these boards  on Pinterest. From amateurs to real pro)


I have ordered (for myself!) of the black one +  a tiny piece of the white too, to use in details I think. But no decision made yet..





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