Printed fabric!

New stuff in my Spoonflower store, to order printed on fabric of your choice and shipped worldwide! This is Cambridge, See it here! And this is Buckingham, see it here! And finallay Oxford, click here to see it! And finally one I haven't uploaded yet. What should I call it?

A silly, stupid stain !

Hi everyone! Here's my latest ( probably not the last, sigh) stupid mistake! While trying to remove a big blotch left by a dirty dog paw, I got some stain remover on my Kilafors green linen dress, and guess what, it removed it's green color in NO TIME at all. Center front, at crotch height. Eeeeeeeeeeek! Never... Continue Reading →

Go ahead, make a star !

A big thank you to everyone who downloaded the free star dress pattern! And for all of you who can't wait to make a TRUE star dress, here's the tutorial! It turned out to be pretty tricky to write this, so this is filled with tons of photos instead, hope you have the patience to look... Continue Reading →

Twinkle twinkle little star!

So I was working away on my very, very basic, plain and nothing special plan for a red sweatshirt dress. Nothing to write home about, and certainly not very exciting compared to space travels, black holes and alien creatures. So I was getting nowhere. But suddenly over at The monthly stitch there was a call for clothes inspired... Continue Reading →

A tale of two Thai!

Hello again! After taking most of August off, I'm slowly moving back to the sewing machine! My first after-holiday project was to be something fairly easy, and it had to include something in a bigger size! As some of you know, I create and sell sewing patterns, and there's definitively a very high demand for patterns... Continue Reading →

Dressed in plaid and flowers!

Hello everyone! I finished this dress a few weeks ago, but had no luck with the photo shoot. Freezing to death in storm and rain in our lousy summer was not OK, in my opinion, so it took some time! The whole idea behind this dress is to find a good way to use fabric scraps... Continue Reading →

A shirt tail tutorial!

Hello everyone! Maybe you have an existing shirt, tunic or dress (or are about to make one) and want a stylish high/low rounded hem, or a shirt tail hem, like on a man's shirt. This is how to do it! It's possible to make a pattern for you all to download, and get "the perfect high-low shirt... Continue Reading →

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